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What Skeleton can do for me?

You are a common user?

If so, this plugin is totally useless and you should delete it!

You want to develop a Piwigo plugin?

This plugin is an example of a simple plugin structure, but with cool options:
  • Multilingual plugin
  • Installation and upgrade process
  • Administration page
  • Public page
  • Add tabs to core admin pages
  • Add filters and actions to the Batch Manager
  • Simple template prefilter (on picture.php page)
  • Add new method to the API
  • Add a toolbar button

Important note

This skeleton reflects the way I (Mistic, member of the Piwigo.or team) develop, it's absolutely not a perfect and unique solution.
You should not use the Skeleton files for your own plugin, it includes features useless for most plugins but making Piwigo slower and heavier. You should see how it works and try to implement these features whith your habits of coding and your knowledges.


This work is in the public domain, without any license, you can entirely re-use it and say it's your own work :-)

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